When will construction begin and how long will it last?

We anticipate that construction could start as early as Winter 2018 and could last up to two and one half years. A project timeline is available for review via the downloads page. 

Will any existing trees be saved?

The site's existing trees are in poor health and primarily non-native invasive species. Consulting arbourists recommend that all existing trees be removed and replaced with healthy and regionally appropriate species. The design proposes mature trees be planted within the open space between buildings.   

Will any existing buildings be demolished?

The existing single-family home at 271 Upper Terrace is proposed to be demolished. The existing two-unit building at 301/303 Upper Terrace will remain and be renovated to match the remainder of the project. A Historic Resource Evaluation (HRE) has been prepared and is under review by the SF Planning Department.

Is the existing hillside stable?

The existing hillside, though for the most part made of stable geology, has a deeply eroded surface that causes loose rocks, dirt,and vegetation to fall down the hillside. Numerous hazardous building and landslide complaints have been filed with Dept. of Building Inspection prior to the recent acquisition of the property.

 How much open space will be provided?

Each building covers 55% of the lot, leaving 45% for Open Space. Much of the open space is located between the buildings with abundant room for mature trees and native plants and boulders. 


How will dust be controlled?

A highly qualified environmental monitoring firm will be hired to create the pertinent soil management plan & dust control plan for the project and these will be reviewed by the Dept. of Public Health, the Planning Department and the Dept. of Building Inspection.  Items such as silica will be addressed in the soil management plan & dust control plan and an Environmental Project Engineer will be on site overseeing the actual work.

Will construction make the hillside more or less stable? 

Construction of new buildings will improve the structure of the hillside by removing all of the unstable rock and installing modern structural foundations consisting of high-strength concrete several feet thick. Upon project completion, the surround area will be significantly more stable.  

What is the process of Excavation? 

The hillside will be prepared for the foundations of the new buildings using ‘Top Down Excavation.’ This is the process of installing shoring as the earth and rock are removed so the hillside is fully supported at all times. The primary access point for the site will be from 17th and Roosevelt.

Will the construction be loud, or block my street?

he area around construction sites can sometimes be inconvenient. Construction can be noisy and involves trucks and equipment. Unfortunately, this is unavoidable as we create and improve our built environment. We will take all steps to make the construction more pleasant for those living in the area.  During this process, we will employ strategic site management, implement a traffic management plan, and have a neighborhood hotline to call with any concerns.

How will parking be affected?

In the current design, "on-street" parking will remain the same, and the number of "off-street" parking spaces will be increased from existing 4 to a total of 18.