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The Mt Olympus Project started with the idea of creating New and Innovative Architecture built into the existing wooded hillside. Three buildings will line the curve at the intersection of 17th St and Roosevelt Way. Open space is maintained between each building, striking a balance between Architecture and landscape, and preserving the feel of the existing hillside. The homes on Upper Terrace maintain the horizontal 'mid-century modern' design language with a more open and inviting facade, adding a new view corridor between the buildings for visual relief. 

Dawson & Clinton, a design-build general contractor and property developer purchased the property in July of 2014.  The design team at D&C immediately began Schematic Design and hosted the first neighborhood meeting in February of 2015, kicking off two years of neighborhood outreach. 

Dubbed the Mt Olympus Project by the design team at Dawson & Clinton, the project proposes to build 10 residential units on a weathering, overgrown and underutilized hillside located between Upper Terrace and the NW intersection of 17th St and Roosevelt Way.  Currently, the property is divided into three contiguous double wide through-lots between Upper Terrace and 17th St & Roosevelt Way.



  • Proposed development of 10 residential units

  • Net increase to the housing supply of 7 residential units

  • Currently 3 adjacent double-wide, through-lots in the heart of the city

  • Proposed subdivision of two of the lots, creating a total of 5 individual lots

  • Two-unit buildings are proposed for each of the 5 lots

  • 3 of the two-unit buildings at vacant parcels along 17th Street and Roosevelt Way

  • 1 new two-unit building to replace existing single family home at 271 Upper Terrace

  • 1 renovated two-unit building at 301-303 Upper Terrace, maintaining rent control

  • The homes range from 1555 SQFT to 4043 SQFT with an average size of 2897 SQFT

  • All proposed homes match existing bulk, height and scale of surrounding buildings

  • 10 is the maximum number of units allowed on 5 lots by RH-2 zoning

  • 50% Open Space provided in rear yards and between buildings

  • Design Respects the Height Setbacks and Facades of surrounding neighborhood

  • No variances or exceptions are requested for the project